Monday, March 28, 2011

Watercolor times! sea shells

A couple of paintings done for my watercolor class

 I love the beautiful patterns that kosher salt makes on watercolor paintings. My teacher really liked this one, and said that I should make a set of shell paintings like this, and that I could sell those to a card company.

The shell I chose is really different than the other ones that were chosen by the rest of the students, this one had a beautiful pattern on it, and is small and round. The others are large with lots of sharp edges that cause dramatic shadows. My teacher has commended me for choosing a shell that's so hard to paint, but I've enjoyed the challenge of trying to paint the pattern so that it looks like its a part of the shell. (I don't think I've achieved this just yet, but maybe by the end of the class I will)
This clearly is not a shell, but I had so much fun doing the rainbow shell painting I decided to do another one while it dried. A piece of sushi was a easy and simple shape to render quickly. Also I was probably craving sushi at the time...

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