Tuesday, May 17, 2011

23rd birthday!

My 23rd birthday was on may the ninth of this year, and I had a lovely magical time.

I really like celebrating... holidays and birthdays are things I really look forward to. That is why every year I try to squeeze as much birthday activity as I possibly can.

We had the family party on sunday: Takeout sushi, box of chocolates, silly birthday hat, magical rainbow my little pony cake.

My boyfriend is so sweet and understands how important my birthday is to me. He took me into the city so I could go to all my favorite places, we ate sushi for lunch, and hot pot for dinner. We had bubble tea, went to the comic book shop, got beads at the bead store, cake in chinatown, and he drove the whole time so I didn't have to be stressed in traffic.

 Looking at these pictures again is making me hungry

Hot pot with friends! Hotpot is so delicious I can't handle it 

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me or wished me a happy birthday! Lets do it again next year.