Tuesday, August 12, 2008

aloha aloha!

So you may have noticed the lack of updates for a week or two, and that is because I was in Hawaii for two weeks! But now I am back, with a tan and lots of beautiful pictures!

          A beautiful flower near a waterfall in Maui. Called a "Torch Ginger" They have large 5 foot stems

Wild rooster! There were lots of wild chickens and roosters on the island. Called a "Jungle fowl cock" these animals really have no predators, not even people, as they are apparently very tough and not of a good quality for eating.

This is a adolescent version of the "common myna" bird... these guys were everywhere... trying to swindle food out of tourists, and squawking loudly. This little guy didn't seem to know much better and so I got pretty close to him as he stared inquisitively at me.

There were lots of wild cats on the islands too! this little fella was just sitting out in a state park... mewing loudly, looking for the rest of his clan. He didn't run away from me, but he wouldn't let me get close to him.

The smallest little lizard I saw at a botanical garden. This little guy was about the size of my whole thumb!

A Mongoose! I was out eating lunch next to this little waterfall, and a couple of these guys were scurrying around in the grasses nearby. I managed to coax him out with a bit of bread off of my sandwich.

It was truly a pleasure to observe the beauty of so many unfamiliar birds

That's all for now