Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art on the go

I find that having A little journal everywhere I go to be essential. To catch my ideas and things that Inspire me when I am struck with them. Living in the city I spend a lot of time on trains and on the subway, and I can't always lug around a larger sketchbook (my current one is 15 in. by 11 in.) Having a small on-the-go sketchbook is wonderful. I can jot down ideas, things that inspire me, projects that I want to do, and just draw from life.

It's a great thing to have, especially if you're like me and can go a little stir-crazy when you are hit with an idea and have nothing to draw on. So, for example, I present to you my current little journal, with a little art to go along with it.

Along with my journal, I have a little set of tiny markers that I bought at a book store (used to draw the faces above), and through the times the package that they came in broke, so I made a little felt bag for them to stay together in my purse.


Forest said...

I have a little sketchbook too! I use it to draw in class, and with a small sketchbook, it's harder for the professor to see what I'm doing. :P

Your marker case is absolutely adorable! Great idea!

(btw, this is Sam :))

Leda said...

I really enjoy your tiny marker case D: I wish to make one but I dont really need it since my tiny markers case has not brokededed yet.

Also I have a tiny notebook but it has lines because I am left brained!